Motor Rental

Providing Downhole Drilling Motors for Your Oilfield or Commercial Jobsite

When you need quality drilling motors you can rely on, call the team at Magnum Drilling Services, Inc. Offering a wide variety of motor rentals to suit your directional drilling needs, we have made it our mission to provide only the best in professional drilling motors to help reduce your costs while also increasing the safety and efficiency of your work site.

With plants located in the Conroe and Midland, TX area, our company is proud to provide drilling services throughout the Eagle Ford Shale, Gulf of Mexico, and beyond. Whether you own property in Dallas, Midland, or Houston, TX, our dedicated team can provide you with the latest in equipment including Jaguar Downhole Motors, as well as high-performance Lightning Series Mud Motors. Give us a call today and see why so many choose Magnum Drilling Services, Inc. for their downhole motor needs.

Directional Drilling Motors You Can Count On

Downhole motors allow bit rotation on the bottom of the drill string with or without string rotation. Powered by hydraulics (drilling fluid), the rotation is not dependent upon string rotation.

When rotating the string and motor in vertical drilling applications, the motor reacts as a torsional shock absorber, which reduces the drill string torque. This also allows the drill bit to remain on the bottom, drilling without the constant interruption of the drill string torque raising the bit on and off the bottom. This enhances the bit performance and helps to protect the string connections by absorbing the torsional shock loads of the drill string connections.

An adjustable (bent) drilling motor is used without string rotation while the assembly is pointed in the desired direction for directional drilling. The bit rotation is provided by the drilling motor, which is independent of the string rotation, when sliding the drill string in the directional mode.

Lightning Series Mud Motors

The Lightning Series is the workhorse of our fleet. It has a high torque output (40% more than a conventional XL positive displacement motor) as well as a high weight on bit capacity, which makes this a superior option over our competitors.

Lightning-SS Mud Motors

With a torque output that is 40% higher than that of a conventional XL positive displacement motor, along with a high weight on bit capacity, you’ll wonder what you ever did before using Jaguar Mud Motors. This is the conventional XL motor series. When there is not a need for a lot of torque, this is a perfect option! These have all the same attributes of the Lightning series mud motor, just without the higher torque output.