Providing Quality Drilling Motors to Meet Your Every Need

At Magnum Drilling Services, Inc., we strive to provide clients with the technology and tools they rely on to meet their directional or horizontal drilling needs. Our company is proud to offer downhole motors and directional equipment to clients throughout the Eagle Ford Shale, Rocky Mountains, and Gulf Coast area. Whether you live in Houston, Midland, Dallas, TX or the nearby areas, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Magnum Drilling Services, Inc. offers downhole motors and mud motors in the following sizes and specifications:

Benefits of Jaguar Drilling Motors

  • Jaguar motors can be “racked back” with the string, or placed in the mouse hole with no use of collar clamps during surface handling.
  • The top sub offers an area for float valves, eliminating the need for an extra sub in the BHA.
  • Metal-on-Metal Rotor Catch Device allows circulations when the catch device is engaged.
  • The power section offers the high torque required for PDC applications and or tailored for slow RPM essential for certain drilling goals.
  • Jaguar downhole motors incorporate a proven High Strength CV Joint Assembly.
  • Jaguar performance downhole motors include a Mud Flow Bearing Assembly for consistent and reliable performance.
  • Jaguar mud motors have a Bearing Mandrel Catch Device near the bit as well.
  • Jaguar motors contain a revolutionary thrust bearing assembly for extended high WOB operation.
  • Jaguar downhole motors include a Rig-Site Thrust Bearing Evaluation.
  • The Lightning mud motor utilizes designs proven to handle extreme drilling environments. Jaguar has also proven to increase rate of penetration and shorten our clients’ drilling programs. The entire Jaguar fleet provides safety catch features, high torque power sections that offer power in reserve and a bearing pack that can withstand the extremes of high-performance drilling and WOB.